Alaskans Beware!

A PAC supporting Parnell will spend over $1,000,000 this week telling you I will expand Obamacare.

This is not true.

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Why Byron Mallott and I have joined forces on one ticket

On Nov. 8, 1955, Bob Bartlett addressed the Alaska Constitutional Convention in a speech titled, “Meeting the Challenge.” In asking the delegates to set aside their partisan concerns, he recognized the divergent interests and backgrounds that had assembled for the great task. Bartlett aptly stated: “Here, in this element of compromise, is the very essence of the democratic process.” Read more >>>

Parnell’s 2014 Deficit Spending @ $7 Million/Day


Walker Surges into Commanding Lead

A statewide political opinion survey conducted October 24-26, 2014 by Ivan Moore Research finds that the Unity Ticket of Bill Walker and Byron Mallott has opened a lead of nearly 10 points over Sean Parnell and Dan Sullivan. Among the strongest and most likely voters, the margin is 13 points. Read more >>>

Walker Says “Alaska First” Not Outside Influence

In response to media questions about planned Alaska appearances by Outside politicians, non-partisan gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker issued the following statement:

“The Walker/Mallott effort is a home-grown, Alaska-based campaign made up of real Alaskans. They come from across the political spectrum, and are united in one goal: to reject crippling partisanship and instead work together to do what’s best for our state. Read more >>>

Walker Renews Gas Line Debate Challenge

Non-partisan gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker issued the following statement after today’s debate before the Rotary Club of Anchorage:

“Once again, limited time prevented us from fully discussing the details of an Alaska natural gas pipeline. I renewed my challenge to my opponent to spend a full hour in a one-on-one debate televised statewide, dedicated to the single issue of the gas line. Alaskans want answers. They deserve to hear us discuss the gas line in detail. But Sean Parnell refuses to face me.” Read more >>>

Bering Straits Native Corporation Backs Unity Ticket

The Board of Directors of the Bering Straits Native Corporation (BSNC) has endorsed the non-partisan candidacy of Bill Walker and Byron Mallott for Alaska governor and lieutenant governor. Read more >>>

Walker Presents Positive Vision at Statewide Debate

Independent gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker served up a strong performance at a debate with his incumbent opponent this evening. The debate was televised statewide on KTUU-TV. Read more >>>

AFN Endorses Walker/Mallott

The Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN), Alaska’s largest statewide Native organization, today endorsed the non-partisan candidacy of Bill Walker for governor and Byron Mallott for lieutenant governor. Meeting in executive session on the final day of their annual conference, the AFN delegation adopted a formal resolution supporting the Walker/Mallott unity ticket. Yesterday, Walker debated his incumbent opponent in an open forum before the AFN membership. Read more >>>

Walker Challenges Parnell Jobs Claim

Gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker today took aim at his opponent’s recent claims of strong job creation, pointing them out as lackluster, at best.

“We kept looking at his claim of 16,000 jobs created on his watch, trying to figure out how on Earth he could interpret that as anything but the worst performance of any full-term governor for the past 32 years,” Walker said, “but we kept coming to the same conclusion. Sixteen thousand jobs in five years are not worth boasting about.” Read more >>>

Bill Walker visiting with Bella Hammond in Lake Clark

A true lifetime highlight for me was receiving Bella Hammond’s invitation to come to Lake Clark & spend the day with her. At day’s end, she offered her full support as a campaign co-chair & planted a yard sign on the slice of paradise she and Gov. Jay Hammond created. Here are a few more snapshots from that memorable day.