Strengthening Alaskan Families

Strengthening Alaskan Families


As committed Christians, Donna and I believe that life begins at conception and is to be cherished and protected.


Child Abuse

Alaska has a problem of epidemic proportions. Child abuse is pandemic in Alaska. Abuse of alcohol and drugs contributes to this sexual and physical abuse of our children. This abuse is passed on from generation to generation. I will have an action plan and immediately begin work to mitigate this catastrophe affecting our young.

I will work to see that Health and Human Services, Office of Children’s Services, the Department of Public Safety, the Dept. of Law, the Alaska Court System and those resources in the private sector that are available act to provide help for both the abuser and the abused, to prevent further damage, and to provide justice for the abused and punish those harming our children.

I am aware of faith based programs like Beauty for Ashes, Wellness Warriors and Potters groups in the churches and the work of the South Central Foundation in helping those adults who were abused.

I will work to bring together these diverse resources to help greatly reduce child abuse in Alaska.

Our children are our most precious resources. We must protect our children. Otherwise, the idea that the State is responsible for the welfare of our children is a lie.

Again, without a viable economy, Alaska will fail to protect its most vulnerable resource: our children.

Domestic Violence

While I applaud Governor Parnell’s Choose Respect awareness campaign efforts to deal with Alaska’s epidemic domestic violence, sexual assault and child sexual abuse, I would go beyond that and choose action to fund evidence based programs that will significantly reduce these disgraceful statistics and ensure safe homes for our most vulnerable Alaskans.