Why I’m Running

Why I’m Running for Alaska Governor

Bill Walker will run as Independent Candidate for Governor in 2014

BillANCHORAGE — Bill Walker announced today that he will run as a non-partisan Independent candidate for governor in 2014. Running as an Independent candidate will assure Walker a place on the ballot in the November 2014 general election.

“It is time to pull together in order to move the state forward and seek not what is in the best interests of the Republicans or the Democrats, but aggressively pursue what is in the best interests of Alaskans,” Walker stated.

Walker said that since entering the gubernatorial race in April, he has received encouragement statewide to run as an Independent from Alaskans who are fed up with party politics. He said his support crosses party lines and ranges from Debbie Brown, recent Chairman of the Alaska Republican Party, to Vince Beltrami, President of the AFL-CIO, both of whom appeared with Walker at a press conference today.

As governor, Walker said he will assemble the very best team of Alaskans chosen for their expertise and dedication to resolving Alaska’s many issues without regard to party affiliation. “I am not running for governor to advance a political career. I am running to assure that Alaska regains control of our resources and our future without bowing to party or special interests.” Describing himself as a “Hickel/Hammond Republican where the interests of Alaskans were always paramount to those of special interests,” Walker said he believes that the Parnell regime has redefined what it means to be an Alaskan Republican.

As Walker sees it, “In 2013, if you don’t believe that it is okay to give massive oil tax cuts without any guarantees of increased production, and if you don’t believe that it is acceptable for the North Slope leaseholders to warehouse Alaska’s natural gas while they continue to develop competing projects around the globe, then somehow you are no longer considered a good Republican. So while I remain a traditional Alaskan Republican, I will always be an Alaskan first. And that is my vow, as governor, I will always put Alaska first.”

Bill Walker is a lifelong Alaskan who was born in Fairbanks, grew up in Delta Junction and Valdez and has resided in Anchorage with his wife, Donna, and their four children for the past 25 years. At twenty-seven years old he served as Mayor of Valdez before attending law school. He is a businessman and owner of an Anchorage law firm with a practice that focuses on Alaska’s oil and gas and municipal law.

Always, Alaska First!

Bill Walker